Animation studios
SMF Animation Studio (Soyuzmultfilm), is one of Russia's largest and oldest animation companies, celebrating 85 years of business this year. Founded in 1936, SMF studio has always been on the forefront of innovation in Russian animation. The studio delivers projects in a variety of genres, using stop-motion, clay and hand-drawn techniques along with 2D and 3D animation.SMF Studio has created over 1500 animated movies, gaining international recognition for its projects. Many of them are considered among the classics of the animation world. The "Golden Collection" of SMF is recognized for its world-renowned directors, production designers and animators.Today, the studio is comprised of a production company, licensing and educational facilities, which includes an animation studio, animation technology park, educational and recreational centers for kids, as well as a licensing agency. SMF also continues to expand its international reach, broadcasting and streaming films in over 50 countries, including: France, UK, Germany, Israel, China, Indonesia and many others.
School-studio "SHAR"
The School-Studio of Animated Films "SHAR" was founded in 1993 by the leading directors-animators Fyodor Khitruk, Eduard Nazarov, Yuri Norshtein, Andrey Khrzhanovsky with the support of the State Film Agency of Russia.The studio is focused on the production of original films, as well as films for children.In 2018, the School-Studio "SHAR" celebrated its 25th anniversary. Over the years, a galaxy of young directors has been released into professional life and more than 100 films have been created. Films of the School-Studio "SHAR" have been repeatedly awarded prizes of Russian and international festivals, nominated for prestigious awards. Most of the graduates of the School-Studio "SHAR" are now famous animators, laureates of international and Russian festivals.
Pchela Studio
"Pchela Studio" specializes in short animated films production. The Studio's catalogue includes the works of well recognized masters - Maria Mouat, Dmitriy Geller, Oksana Cherkasova, Natalia Chernysheva, Svetlana Filippova, Svetlana Andrianova, Yulia Aronova and others. The Studio pays special attention to working with young creators, discovering new names of Directors and Artists.The films of "Pchela Studio" gained multiple awards at many prestigious festivals in Russia and Worldwide.
Riki Group
Riki Group is one of the leaders of the Russian and CIS animation market. The key competency of the company is the creation and effective management of brands for a family audience. Its diverse portfolio consists of a variety of properties that appeal to the interests of different age groups including such successful animation brands as Kikoriki, The Fixies, PinCode, BabyRiki, Tina & Tony, DinoCity etc. The projects broadcast in more than 100 countries around the world and have been translated into 50 languages and dialects. Riki Group consolidated the shares of Aeroplane JSC together with its famous brand, The Fixies.
CTB Film Company
CTB Film Company is the biggest Russian privately owned film production company. The company was founded by legendary Russian producer Sergey Selyanov, who holds the Producer's AMPA among his numerous awards. CTB has been producing films in different genres: family, comedy, drama, sci-fi, thrillers, horrors, animation, war and action movies since 1992. For nearly 30 years, CTB Film Company has created an impressive portfolio of more than 160 feature films, TV shows, animated movies and series, documentaries; the company boasts 3 Oscar nominations, as well as 60 top awards from the renowned international film festivals.
KinoAtis is a leading animation studio in Russia. The studio uses the latest technology and produces high quality content.
The main project of the studio is the «Belka and Strelka» franchise, within which 3 feature films and 2 TV series were released. The franchise has been shown in 160 countries and translated into 45 languages.